Why Use Fertilizer?

Urban settings are extremely stressful environments for trees and shrubs. Compacted soils, limited roots  zones, and poor soil structure are but a few of the problems trees face. In order to maintain a healthy  tree, you have to literally begin from the ground up. The soil and the root system. The roots have two  main functions, providing stability for the tree and absorbing water and nutrients. That with the sun’s  energy help create food to keep the tree growing.  

In residential neighborhoods, cities and towns, the soil can become depleted of these vital resources  and must be replaced to keep trees vigorous. Trees in the forest don’t need to be fertilized because they  create their own fertilizer in the leaves, they drop each year. This annual leaf drop creates a leaf litter on  the forest floor which reduce soil compaction, helps to keep the soil from drying out in times of drought  and release nutrients through decomposition. 

Injected liquid fertilizer along with beneficial fungi and bacteria directly into the root zone of the tree is  the best way to rejuvenate depleted soils. The low-pressure injection helps to lessen soil compaction, a  condition which nearly all urban soils suffer from and the fertilizer itself helps to replenish depleted  soils. The bacteria aid in nitrogen fixing, which allows environmental nitrogen to be used by the tree and  can colonize the roots creating a more efficient root system. All these factors combined allow a tree to  better combat pest infestations and disease, thus reducing maintenance costs. The results are a  healthier tree capable of withstanding harsh environmental conditions found in nearly every backyard  and allowing a tree to thrive for many years.


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