Fall Is For Fertilizing

Fall is the ideal time to fertilize your valuable trees and shrubs. Nutrients are taken up by the roots of trees which continue to grow during the fall months even though the tree’s crowns may be dormant.

This year in particular, due to the severe drought conditions of this past summer, trees will need extra help. Drought stress can be devastating to all trees, but especially to older, weak trees and to those that have suffered recent root damage due to construction or compaction.

We use only premium high quality, water soluble slow-release fertilizers that we pressure inject into the ground in and around a tree’s available root zone. Pressure injection has the added benefit of fracturing the soil, helping to relieve compaction.

In order to maintain proper vigor, urban trees should be fertilized every two years using quality slow-release material such as ours. All purpose fertilizers or quick release materials should be applied at least once a year and sometimes as often as two to three times depending on the product.

The drought may be over, but its effects are cumulative and long-lasting. Act now to compensate for the damage that has been done.

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