Tree Removal

Tree Removal Services from the Experts in Chantilly, VA

Reliable Tree Removal Services of Northern Virginia Tree Experts in Chantilly, VAWhile it may seem simple, tree removal is a highly technical task that warrants a professional tree contractor. 

While chopping down a tree on your property or buzzing it down with a saw sounds like a good option, it’s typically not safe, up to code, or even as cost-effective as you may think. An amateur tree removal can result in injury, may not even be allowed in your neighborhood, and can be expensive if you don’t already own the proper equipment! Instead of taking a risk, trust the Certified Arborists at Northern Virginia Tree Experts to remove your tree safely.  

There are many reasons why it might be necessary to remove a tree, including:

  • Tree roots may be causing damage to a sidewalk, driveway, house, or patio
  • The tree may have been damaged by a tree disease or pests
  • Construction activity may have caused too much stress to the tree root system
  • A tree fungus may be causing decay in the tree roots or tree trunk
  • The tree is too large for where it was planted

Team of Northern Virginia Tree Experts Conducting Tree Removal ServicesMany tree care services claim to be tree experts, but there are differences worth checking into. 

Make sure the local tree company you hire is insured for property damage and has workman's compensation. If requested, a tree services' insurance company will send you a copy of their workman's compensation insurance. Another important thing to consider is if the company is an ISA-Certified Arborist. To become an ISA-Certified Arborist, an individual must have experience working for a tree care service or a college/university degree, and must pass a comprehensive written examination with a score of 72% or higher. Certification is granted for three years and must be maintained by attending continuing tree care education seminars or retaking the Certified Arborist test. Northern Virginia Tree Experts has both workman’s compensation and ISA-Certified Arborists, ensuring that our clients receive the highest quality tree removal care available in the area. 

Contact Northern Virginia Tree Experts today to request an estimate and provide us with more information about your tree removal needs.