Fertilization & Soil Improvement

Keep Your Trees Healthy with Chantilly’s Choice for Regular Fertilization and Soil Improvement Services

Fertilization and Soil Improvement Service of Northern Virginia Tree Experts in Chantilly, VATrust Northern Virginia Tree Experts to give your trees the nutrients they need!

Deep root feeding distributes the right type and amount of macro-nutrients to your trees. Macro-nutrients are nutrients that trees need the most and are frequently deficient in a tree. These nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium), are each vital to tree health. Fertilization of your trees and shrubs are imperative when it comes to maintaining their health and vigor, so selecting an experienced tree care company to fertilize your trees is key! Northern Virginia Tree Care has over 41 years of experience caring for the Chantilly community’s trees and recommending the ideal amount of fertilizer for them to thrive. Including tree fertilization and soil improvement services in your plant care program will help you to grow hardy plants that will be healthy and have the increased ability to resist insects and diseased pests. 

Why do my trees need fertilizer, but trees in a forest do not?

Trees in the forest thrive without the addition of fertilizer, as the decay of plant and animal materials help maintain nutrient soils. Leaves are relatively high in nutrients and their breakdown is an important source of returning nutrients to the soil. Soils in urban areas, however, are all too often completely lacking minerals and nutrients found in natural forest settings. In most cases, leaves and other debris are removed every fall to maintain beauty in your yard. By removing these materials, soils lack the nutrients necessary to maintain health. Shade and ornamental trees in the “urban forest”, also known as your yard, require supplemental nutrients for optimal growth and development. This is where the team at Northern Virginia Tree Expert come in! We examine the types of trees in your landscape and are able to provide the appropriate type and amount of fertilizer to ensure your trees thrive as if they were in a forest!

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