Insect & Disease Control

Protect the Livelihood of Your Trees in Chantilly from Pests with Professional Insect Control Services

Efficient Insect Control Services in a residence in Chantilly, VA by Northern Virginia Tree ExpertsWhile climate and soil conditions are two evident factors contributing to your trees’ health, pests are a silent killer.

Your trees may be thriving one week and suddenly dying the next. Even with an appropriate amount of water and the proper soil, how could this be? Upon further examination, you see tiny bugs eating or sucking on your tree and wonder if this could be the cause. Instead of spraying your trees with store-bought pesticides that could harm them, your next step should be to contact the insect control and tick control professionals at Northern Virginia Tree Experts. We get to the root of your trees’ insect problem and are able to provide a lasting solution that not only gets rid of those pesky pests, but also ensures the livelihood of your trees. 

Diagnosing tree and shrub health problems requires a careful examination of your trees’ unique landscape. 

The steps we will take when providing our insect control services are:

  • First and foremost, we identify the type of tree or shrub that is affected. Many insects and diseases are tree and shrub specific. Correctly identifying the type of tree or shrub will limit the number of potential insects or diseases that can affect a particular tree or shrub.
  • Examine the landscape. We’ll check to see if any surrounding trees or shrubs are also affected.
  • Look for a pattern. Living things such as insects and diseases most often present symptoms in a non-uniform pattern. Uniform damage is usually an indication of nonliving factors, such as herbicide damage, weather, or physical injury. If there is a wound on the tree, we’ll carefully examine that area as it provides an open door for pathogens and wood-rotting organisms. 
  • Identify the parts of the plant that are affected. For example, dead leaves at the top of a tree is usually an indication of root damage. Curled leaves are an indication of insects, infection, or herbicides. 
  • Apply the appropriate treatments to your trees. Insects can carry disease from plant to plant, so eradicating them at the first sign is key!

Ensuring that your lawn is free of ticks is the best way to keep your outdoor time enjoyable – and safe.

While ticks are famously annoying for terrorizing people and pets, they also can be extremely harmful. When bitten, allergic reactions can arise, and on rare occasions, so can Lyme disease. The best way to prevent ticks from feeding on you and your family is to request professional tick control services from the team at Northern Virginia Tree Experts. We eliminate any existing ticks and drive any incoming infestations away! 

Contact Northern Virginia Tree Experts today to request an estimate and provide us with more information about your insect control or tick control needs.