Fertilization and Soil Improvement in Fairfax, VA

Servicing Chantilly, Centreville, Fairfax and the Surrounding Areas

Trees in the forest thrive without the addition of fertilizer. The decay of plant and animal materials help maintain nutrient soils. Leaves are relatively high in nutrients and their breakdown is an important source of returning nutrients to the soil.
Soils in urban areas are all too often completely lacking minerals and nutrients. In most cases leaves and other debris are removed every fall. By removing these materials soils lack the nutrients necessary to maintain health. Shade and ornamental trees in the urban forest require supplemental nutrients for optimal growth and development.
Tree — Improvement in Fairfax, VA
Deep root feeding distributes the right type and amount of nutrients (macro-nutrients). Macro-nutrients are nutrients that trees need the most and are frequently deficient in a tree. These nutrients (Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium), are vital to tree health. Fertilization of your trees and shrubs can be vital to maintaining health and vigor. Mature trees, young trees, and shrubs can benefit from deep-root fertilization. Complete plant health care services includes fertilizing trees and shrubs. Including tree fertilization in your plant care program will help you to grow hardy plants that will be healthy and have the increased ability to resist insect and disease pests.